Yagna is always performed after the recitation or jaap as we call it. The powers of Vedic mantras are unlimited. Its recitation in the correct manners adds power to the aura of the native star or Nakshatra, thus helping a person stronger (physically, mentally and emotionally) to face the tough times in their lives and come out successfully.

While it is true that correct recitation of each mantra is extremely important to find viable results, quantity of mantra to be recited is entirely a technical matter. Similarly there is a separate mantra for each nakshatra.

For example, while a mantra is required to be recited for 51000 times, another on ay require only 125000 recitations.

The yagna and recitations are not bound by boundaries. They can be done even if you are away from the original worshipping site. So if you are sitting in London or New York, your work can be successfully be done at a temple at in New Delhi without any obstacle.

Though it is a well-known fact that mantra recitation brings out fantastic results, however it is not to be forgotten that it is the Lord almighty who blesses in the end.