For a long time astrology has suffered at the hands of mindsets banishing everything Indian and historic. It is only in the recent past that people have started to consider Astrology as a science. At Vastro we are working hard to break all the myths associated with Astrology and other Occult sciences. It is a long process, but we are glad that it has begun to mark its relevance not only in India but in foreign land as well.

Astrological science is based upon 12 Zodiac sign and 9 Planets. Every planet omit different vibrations in the cosmos. These different vibrations affect every human being in positive, negative or neutral way.The great ancient saint Rishi Parashar worked in depth and discovered the most precise principles of 'NAKSHATRAS'. Analyses of the horoscope is done entirely on the basis of Nakshatras. The best of remedies are suggested from the wide range of yantras, meagre donations, services or the recitation of ancient vedic mantras. We use all this and much more to make client competitive physically, emotionally as well as professionally.

However, as they say “no one can help you if you don’t help yourself”, we swear by it. As we find the best solutions to your long awaited queries of life, we expect you to engage in the process with us and ring in your devotional spirit for the best results.