About Vastu

As they say, “What is meant to be always find a way”, so it did in the case of Ashish Gupta. Born into a middle class educated family, he was chosen to become a mechanical engineer. And so he did! He worked in an automobile giant for over a decade before sense of void crept it.

Great career as well as wonderful personal life was not enough. He had everything but satisfaction. His keen interest towards the study of stars always kept him in loop and one fine day, he chose to challenge his destiny. He chose Occult Sciences and became a servant of Indian Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra sutras.

He decided to study the subject to core and attained Jyotish Visharad from Indian Council of Astrological Sciences formerly known as ICAS. Vastu & Feng-Shui Guru from Vastu Vidya Mandir, Pyramidologist from 'Jiten' and Vastu Visharad from ICAS.

Now after almost half a decade, his list of accomplishments boast of successful study of horoscope of patrons from various backgrounds; remedial study of famous artistes, bureaucrats, professionals, business houses and political leaders. In addition to that, Ashish believes that Astrological and Vastu sciences has the powers to accomplish the materialistic and spiritual needs of mankind, therefore its benefit must not only be utilised by the privileged people of the society. He does not hesitate in providing his services to the underprivileged section of the society as well.